You may be wondering why I decided to make the perceived grand leap from lawyer to mindset consultant

Well, to explain… I must delve into a few fundamentals: 

  1. I am a reformed pessimist
  2. I do not fit into a mold
  3. Profession needs a makeover

I am a reformed pessimist ...

Let me tell you a quick story… 

At the age of 13, my father and I were  sitting at the kitchen table, one day.

I was concentrating on eating my breakfast, while he was concentrating on the Sunday paper. 

He suddenly called out to me from across the table. “Eden”, he says. 

He continues.  “Is this glass half empty or half full?”

My Dad points at a water glass with the water line at the halfway point.


Well… this is how I replied…..

half empty

This was the pessimistic and stark reality I was living in. 

I felt like: 

  • Everything was happening to me
  • Nothing was going right
  • I was never good enough 
  • There was never enough

My world felt scarce and lonely.

Does this sound like you? Find out how I can help!

      [...]that I was at war with myself and my own mind...

For me, the most problematic aspects of having a

pessimistic mindset was the constant, incessant, and all-consuming feeling

that I was at war with myself and my own mind.

Prior to discovering what I now know...

I was clueless and did not know that the way we think impacts BOTH our internal and external realities. 

I had no idea that mindset

  • contributes to how we see ourselves; 
  • creates the energy we project into the world; and
  • influences the experiences we garner and enjoy.

In fact, the way I was living in my reality was causing me to be an empty shell of my potential.

I will never know why I was the way that I was. It could have been naturenurture, or a combination of the two… 

What is clear, however, is that reforming my mindset saved my life.

Being able to say that I am a now a genuine optimist (READ: “Reformed Pessimist”) can be counted as one of my greatest life accomplishments .

I do not fit into a mold...

I do not fit in a mold… and neither should you

Each of us has a unique perspective that contributes to the collective.

You have your own:

  • attributes
  • gifts
  • desires
  • lived experiences 
  • contributions

that define who you are

The origin of my consulting practice is my way of standing up to the expectation that I “should be

I wholeheartedly believe that profession (i.e. what you do for a living) should mimic your passion and be an organic extension of you. 

If we don’t pursue what we are most passionate about, then what are we truly living for?

Are you trying to live up to the  expectation of  “should be”?

Find out how I can help you live your dream life instead!

Profession needs a makeover...

The final reason I cite for the pivot to my new career is that profession, as we know it, needs to be totally and completely revamped and overhauled.

In many ways, time (and how much you have) is a measurement for success. 


our current society  does not accommodate, pivot, or allow the measure of time to contribute to a holistic account of our value.

Instead, we are taught that monetary value is the only measure of value, which causes the celebration, glorification, and allowance for you to work yourself thin and completely deplete yourself of energy and motivation. 

Whether you enjoy working for someone else or yourself, you deserve more time to deeply explore yourself and the world around you.

The allotment of only two weeks per year for “vacation” just isn’t resonant with the self love movement that starts now… 

Ready to join the self love movement and value yourself more?


Eden Alex Wine