Have you pressed 'update'

Have you ever wondered if you truly belong ?

If you’re destined  to make a difference?

Perhaps you look at your peers and wonder why “they have it all together.”

You are often confronted with the reality that you aren’t as far along as you wish to be in your life and, in many ways,  you feel like an imposter

  • You went to school;
  • You’re following the “shoulds” to a tee…


Your efforts feel completely futile and you feel you are completely falling short … every time.

I’ve. Been. There.

It’s a HORRIFIC feeling. Truly dreadful.

It feels stifling, constricting, and you get a tickle in the back of your throat when you think about it. 


You don’t have to feel this way or live this way.

You are equipped with an innate super power that will allow you to free yourself from the burden and weight of not seeing your inherent potential. 


Through your mindset

A mindset is the cerebral neural network that is home to your beliefs, attitudes, and opinions that you have about yourself and the world around you. 

It is through this (let’s call it) “circuit panel” that we are given the mechanism that shapes how we show up for ourselves in our reality. 

Often your mindset needs a refresher, boost, and fresh perspective to allow yourself to overcome that little voice in your head that tells you: 

  • You’re not enough; 
  • You’re not worthy;
  • You’re not desirable;
  • You’re not able [dot.dot.dot.]

That mental gremlin that stampedes on your dreams and stomps on your desires for your life.

How fair is that?! 

Answer:  NOT. AT. ALL

… but your life doesn’t have to be or feel this way.

Over the span of your life you are collecting data from your environment. It’s this data that subsequently shapes your mindset.

You are YOU because of your perception of your reality. A perception (most of which is subconscious) that was cultivated by ALL of your (notably valid) experiences… 

  • The Great ~
  • The Good ~
  • The Bad ~
  • The Truly Traumatic ~

You are not, however, required to live your present or your future based on your past.

In fact, you probably shouldn’t ~ especially if it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. 

THUS (and yes, I used thus… lawyer turned mindset consultant over here), it is your onus and obligation to become a neutral third party of yourself and your mindset. 

Think about it …

Software updates are released by tech developers on a semi-annual basis, sometimes even more. 

 I know… I avoid them also. Who wants to restart their phone?

 Jokes aside, these re-boots are actually REALLY important. If you read the fine print they (and I quote):

“[include] improvements, bug fixes, and additional […] controls […] Install Now.” 

Your mindset is no different than a program that requires software updates. It’s imperative to ensure that your mentality is not running in the background wrecking havoc on your highest good. 

So, why is it that pieces of technology get more TLC than your mindset?

When is the last time you pushed “update” on your mindset?


Let’s say you’re willing and feeling ready to make this upgrade to your mindset.

Are you ready to start all by yourself? If you are…  well that’s totally awesome! 

But, don’t worry if you’re feeling a little lost about where to begin because I got’chyu.


Through mindset consulting!

Okay. So what does this mean exactly? 

When you work with me, I’m on-boarded to your journey (for as little or as long as you choose).

I help you excavate your mindset so that you can confront and subsequently remove the fears and limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of living the life you desire (and deserve) to live.

Bridging the gap between the  Metaphysical and the Practical 

I have always said… you can’t see the wind, but you can see the impact the wind has on the leaves of a tree.

Sometimes it’s through “the unknown” where clarity is born.

It is for this reason that esoteric modalities form an integral foundation for my practice.

For example, the use of tarot and oracle cards help to advocate for the discovery of overarching themes and lessons that are happening in a client’s life. In many ways, these modalities dictate the starting place and direction for a mindset consulting session.

Scared of the future?  Don’t be because I’m about to myth bust for you. 

Science has proven that EVERYTHING is made of matter… a.k.a energy. For example, common components of the physical world are all made from the same material (i.e. matter) including:

  • the walls of a room;
  • the floor;
  • your pet;
  • you;
  • a tree in the park, etc.

This energy is not limited to physical objects and is the electromagnetic fields emitted from your brain, heart, and nervous system.

This means that at any given time you are emitting a HECK of a lot of energy into your reality, all of which is vibrating at a very unique frequency.

Both the past and the future are byproducts of your past recollection and future anticipation. This means only the present moment continuously exists, which holds space for all of that unique aforementioned energy you’re continuously emitting.

So, when someone “reads your future“, what they are reading is a probable outcome based on the vibrational cocktail of your electromagnetic frequency.

If you change the formula of your energy as it exists  NOW, then you change your future. You have the power. You have the control.

It all begins with an upgrade.

Curious about tarot & oracle? Interested in a tarot or oracle reading?

Let’s get in touch!   [CLICK HERE]

“When I first had the pleasure of meeting Eden, I immediately felt her positive energy and kindness right away. She expressed her interest in metaphysics and her passion for the topic was undeniable. Eden’s inquisitive and gentle nature made me more curious about the subject myself. So I was very excited when I got the opportunity to do a tarot card reading with her. I was a bit skeptical going into it as I was exposed to a lot of misconceptions about the practice, but it was Eden’s ability to tie in our shared spirituality, and to make God the centre of the experience that was absolutely reassuring and very important to me. The reading was nothing less that spectacular. Honestly, everything that Eden was able to discern was so spot on, it was mind blowing. More importantly her ability to tie in larger themes, and also where appropriate share her personal experiences – it was a an eye opening and thrilling experience that really brought insights to the forefront. I am so blessed to have met such a special person like Eden, with a gift to help people get in touch with their true selves. Anyone would be lucky to have her guiding them along their journey of self-discovery!” —- I.Tahir

” Eden is the perfect mix of professionalism, charisma and authenticity.  The love and compassion she has for her work channels through her readings and is completely infectious. Eden made my first tarot experience a refreshing and joyful learning experience. Her patience and wide range of metaphysical knowledge are extremely Insightful and I highly recommend Eden Alex Wine services for anyone seeking the empowerment to tap in, tune in and turn on to begin manifesting the life they deserve.

“You can give a [person] a fish and they’ll eat for a day; but, if you teach a [person] to fish they’ll eat for a lifetime.” – Lao-Tzu

Let’s get practical. 

Upgrading your mindset is one area of your life that you should never outsource or automate.

As a mindset consultant, it is my job to bring to you a breadth of tangible resources, curated exercises, and a keen eye so that I can point you in the direction of your own healing and mindset updating. 

The actual healing and updating exists within you and it is a beautiful gift that you give to yourself.

Here are some examples of the fan favourite resources: 

  • Word Smithing  – it is said that “the eyes are the window of the soul”. Well, if that’s the case, then (and I’m quoting myself) “words are the window of the mindset”. The words we use to express ourselves are KEY indicators into the beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world around us.

Lucky for you, I am deeply fascinated by words (I even won the gold medal for “legal drafting”  at law school (a.k.a — a words based practice area).

In session, I use my words-based proficiency to help facilitate shifts and healing within your mindset. In many ways, we “redraft” your mindset starting with your words.

  • Journal Prompts –  In session, you will be receiving an array of carefully curated prompts that help you dive into, uncover, and discover yourself in new ways.
  • Customized Exercises & Guidebooks – You and your mindset are unique and, because of this, you deserve custom resources made just for you based on your starting line.

Want to know more?


To respect client privacy and confidentiality, only first names are disclosed, unless explicit permission is granted otherwise.

“I have seen a tremendous amount of progress in my life since I started working with Eden.

I would consider myself to be someone with neurotic tendencies, and I tend to make decisions from a place of guilt, fear and anxiety. With Eden’s expertise and support, she has introduced a myriad of helpful tools and knowledge on how to shift my mindset. When I share my perspective on difficult aspects of my life, whether it’s my relationships, my work, or internal conflicts,  Eden is able to tie a consistent thread between all of these things by focusing on my power and ability to create the outcomes and manifest the successes I want out of life. I’ve learned this through her emphasis on mindfulness, self- reflection and intentional self care. Eden is well studied on the sciences of metaphysics, and understands the power and potentials of the mind. In the consistent work we do together, I better understand my disposition to think negatively and I am getting much better at interrupting my usual thought patterns to usher in more positivity and perspective. Our sessions are source of comfort, and Eden’s approach empowers me to want to make the fulfilling reality I want to live in, one thought and one effort at a time! “

~ Iftu 

“Working with Eden has completely 100% shifted my perspective, outlook, and energy on my own life and own self. She has really helped me understand who I am better through her incredible insight. She has this energy that channels through her and she is able to literallylook into your soul and figure out who you are and what you need to hear.My entire life has change by just being around her, knowing her, and working with her. […] I would recommend her to absolutely everybody who wants to get to know themselves on a deeper level, understand the decisions they are making, why they are making them, and how to get themselves to their next level self in who they want to become.” ~ Elena

“I felt a deep sense of understanding in clarity after working with Eden. She was able to put my life into perspective and helped me work through some problems that have been affecting my life. She showed me what I needed to do in order to improve my life. I would highly recommend the experience and her services!”  ~ Matthew


“Working with Eden over the last few months has been such an incredible journey. She has taught me so many valuable techniques that I can implement both in my business and in my personal life. She is a breath of fresh air and the calm I needed so badly through some difficult months. She helped me through a few challenges, opened my eyes to different perspectives and gifted me her optimism. What I loved most is how she mixed in metaphysical elements to bring it all together. She truly is a gift.” ~ Renee E.

“Mindset Consulting with Eden Wine [has] been a complete life-altering experience for me!

I have never felt so free and so myself. She has helped me face my limiting beliefs, and has transformed my thought patterns into a more positive, abundant mindset! Her uplifting presence really helps guide you. I have completely shifted how I think about my own personal value and my relationship with money. Her services are invaluable. She is there to help you support yourself. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is stopping themselves from achieving what they want.”

~ Tati


Eden hosted a mindset workshop for my team that blew everyone’s mind. She helped us dig into our fears and hesitations within our scope of work to be able to rise above them. My whole team left the call with the tools to conquer their mindset and reach their goals. Eden truly went above and beyond, answering all the questions with such confidence and thoughtfulness. Any woman in business would benefit from Eden’s work, she will help you squash your fears and march forward towards your big scary goals!! 

As if the live call wasn’t enough magic, Eden left us with homework to deepen into the work she shared. She challenged us with a scripting practice where I scripted my dream life and she went through it to pull out my core fears and goals. This was one of the coolest exercises I’ve ever done for personal development. She pulled out fears from my script that are so real for me, fears I had never shared with her before. I was shocked reading her review back, it felt as if she was inside my head. Following the identification of my fears and goals, she provided me with affirmations and next steps. I felt like I had a full range of tools to continue to work on my mindset. Eden not only identified what was holding me back, she also shared HOW to move forward!

If you’re a woman in business struggling to level up, if you’re feeling stuck in fear or heaviness – connect with Eden! She does not disappoint.” ~ Jenna


“I had a virtual meeting with Eden and a script review, both were incredibly fascinating and soul serving! The virtual meeting was my favourite! There were so many AH HA moments that were comforting and inspiring! There were quite a few moments where she said a message in the perfect way that my mind, body and soul could feel it and digest it. You know those moments where the message isn’t a new message but it resonates for the first time? It was like that but a million times over in one session! Eden has an undeniable talent! The script was also really neat, I have never had anything like that done before. Eden obviously has an eye for this! She helped identify specific struggles and limiting beliefs, my favourite part about the script review was that she not only outlined the few things she saw and suggested for me to work on… but she also gave practice suggestions and personalized mantras to help overcome these obstacles. Overall, I was super impressed and inspired! I would 100% work with Eden again and I would absolutely recommend her!” 

~ Danielle 



“When I met Eden, I was in a profoundly awful place. […] 

The opportunity to work with Eden […] seemed like a way I could try and get back to myself, or maybe even discover someone new. 

I’ll admit, I was nervous. But Eden immediately put me at ease and I felt myself let go. She’d gotten to know my herstory from the brief background I sent, and had prepared a series of guides all completely personalized for me. That was enough to make me realize she wasn’t messing around and I’d better pay attention (I’m a sucker for a good printable, what can I say). 

Eden helped me pinpoint some particularly destructive thought patterns I found myself in, and we made a new list of empowering, encouraging messages. She exuded confidence and excitement and was a living embodiment of everything I hoped I could be: sensual, warm, kind, buzzing with a confidence that you couldn’t help but feel high from. She was empathetic and listened, and helped me reframe my thoughts in a way that made me question how I could talk to myself this way.

I went home with guides for morning and evening rituals and other techniques that are still in my self-care rotation. She got me in touch with a side of myself I hadn’t seen in a long time […].

In the months since then, the lessons I learned from Eden have popped up in surprising ways, helping me through some particularly crappy lows. […]

Confidence means something different in my 30s than it did in my 20s. Healing my relationship with myself is the first step, always, and embracing sensuality might just be the answer to all life’s problems 😉

Everyone should take the chance to sit down with Eden and have her peer into their darkness to find the light – I guarantee she will.” 

~ Maia


“Eden has a true intuitive gift. Working with her always gives me a sense of comfort and clarity. No problem or new avenue is ever too daunting when working with her. She is not only gifted in creating an open dialogue but also in providing tools and strategies beyond our session. I feel that her wealth of knowledge, direct message, and kind nature make her a perfect fit for nearly anyone!” ~ Val